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How it works

candena’s multi-award winning collaborative learning concept is engineered to nurture human interaction by providing online learning experiences grounded on the pillars of peer-to-peer learning, team work, a problem based approach and mentoring.


Within the framework of an online course, individual members of your learning community come together in teams to tackle challenges collectively, cultivating communication skills, teamwork and quantitative reasoning. Participants also engage in the learning community at large, enriching their skills and knowledge while exchanging feedback with their peers. Optionally, a trained staff of didactic personnel (tutors, mentors, teachers) can give participants input on relevant topics, supporting teams with feedback and reviewing their work.


Learning is also embedded in a real-world context because our courses use a problem-based learning approach by presenting teams with a series of successive assignments that gradually build up their skills. This allows the transfer of the newly developed skills towards a specific real world problem.

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    candena Professional

    To address the needs and requirements of the corporate environment, we have created the candena Professional learning platform which provides the ideal corporate framework for collaboration and learning. This easy to scale learning platform is optimized around your corporate learning style and is calibrated for optimal results, requiring no setup, maintenance or effort on your side.

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    candena Scholar

    candena Scholar is the ideal social learning platform designed with the needs of academic institutions in mind. It allows for single- and multi-course concepts as well as single person and teamwork participation. It adapts to individual course phases over time and stimulates collaboration and productivity by guiding your community through the learning process.

  • Team-based

    Our platforms provide a framework for collaboration. Team-based learning is essential for the development of integrated solutions, while also cultivating communication skills and vital teamwork competencies.

  • Mentored

    Through the intervention of trained academic staff in the capacity of mentors, learners receive input on relevant topics, valuable personalized feedback and the guidance they need to succeed in the course.

  • Project-based

    A problem-based learning approach allows the transfer of course developed capabilities towards a specific relevant problem and thus enhances the participant’s ability to navigate complex real-world issues.

  • Peer Learning

    Students become members of a global learning community, they share knowledge and learn with and from each other. This process takes advantage of the network effect to enhance the intelligence and creativity of the entire group.

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  • Proven platform used by thousands of users from 100+ countries
  • Optimized to use the best of online collaboration for education
  • Managed solution - no technical or community experience needed
  • No software to install, no infrastructure to maintain
  • Comprehensive technical and business support
  • Protected environment for your data and content
  • Our endless commitment to make your activities successful
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