In the spotlight: pisa4u – The Online Programme for School Improvemen

pisa4u – The Online Programme for School improvement presents the opportunity for educational practitioners to learn from one another, drive change within school systems from the ground up and create a global database of educational resources, developed by practitioners for practitioners. Starting February 9, 2017, this programme will be offered free of charge to teachers, educators, administrators, and policy makers - thus forming a global community of education practitioners. Registration is now open at www.pisa4u.org

This programme was conceptually designed, implemented and administered by CANDENA GmbH in collaboration with Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and made possible through the generous support of America Achieves and Deutsche Telekom Stiftung. The Northwest Evaluation Association is associated with pisa4u. 
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Why candena?

Based on more than 15 years of experience in Internet technologies, education and media industries CANDENA is a multi-award winning learning technologies company founded to enable organizations to reach global audiences and engage them with inspiring educational offerings. We offer an online learning concept rooted in state-of-the-art academic didactics on demand that will develop the collective power and skillset of your learning audience.

Our products are designed to create unique learning and development environments by bringing together the best from Social Media, Video-Platforms, Communication tools and Data Management Services. We take proven online approaches for information sharing, networking, learning, creating, reflecting and working in a team and combine them in a unique way to provide a state-of-the-art educational experience.

Our formidable clients have won prestigious awards for the products we helped them deliver. Deutsche Telekom won a coveted Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Award in Gold in the category “Best use of social/collaborative learning”. Goethe Institut was honoured by the Society for Pedagogy and Information e.V. with the highly regarded Comenius EduMedia Award. We are passionate about delivering innovative products our clients love and helping them reach their full online potential.


candena is a partner of the European Digital University (EDU), Europe's innovative and accessible digital learning system. Find out more about EDU here.

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  • Innovation

    Advanced Training

    The Solutions and Innovation Skills MOOC offered by Zeppelin University and LLLight’n’Europe was an original social learning event for European professionals on the topic of innovation. Runtime: October - December 2014.

  • Magenta Mooc

    Corporate Training

    Deutsche Telekom AG proved to be at the forefront of Corporate Innovation by offering an innovation and entrepreneurship course Magenta MOOC to 3,600 employees across divisions and countries. Runtime: April - June 2014.

  • Goethe2 Rt Emagic C Comenius Edu Media Siegel 2015.Png

    Open Learning I

    Goethe-Institut, the market leader in German Language instruction, offered an exemplary collaborative online learning event for anyone to participate in, entitled Managing the Arts: Marketing for Cultural Organizations. Runtime: January – May 2015.

  • Negoskills

    Open Learning II

    Leuphana Digital School offered an open collaborative online course on the Psychology of Negotiations, which was developed as a highly focused course offering for industry leaders. Runtime: May - August 2014.

  • Blended

    Blended Learning

    Leuphana Digital School conducted a one-of-a-kind week-long blended learning event for 1,500 first semester students, combining online collaboration with classroom-based learning. Runtime: October 2014; October 2013.

  • Ken Up

    Digital University

    As part of the Kenup Consortium, candena teamed up with institutions like the MIT Media Lab, the World Health Organization (WHO), McKinsey, and APAX Partners to devise a cross-European digital university.

What Participants Say About The Course

  • "All what I see since the start is so promising and fantastic, you promised and exceeded the expectations. I deeply thank you for all your efforts."

    Ibrahim G., Germany

    "After the first submission I can say that it was a great experience of collaboration and ideas sharing. I'm proud of our team work, I enjoyed the easy going and good humorous way of our discussions, the readiness to hear and to listen. I have a lot of kind words to say about every team member, it was a pleasure to work with them. The best part is that being from very different parts of the word, everybody brought something new and different to our work but at the same time we discovered that we face very similar problems and share common ideas. Hope that my next team will be as active and efficient as this one. I'm eager to continue :)"

    Irina M., Russian Federation

  • "I respect the other students in the program. It is amazing how they respond to the assignments. I learned a lot more in three months than what I did in my past education. I mean quality. There is something good in this program that make you put effort in it and take it seriously. In my opinion, the way it is designed can change the way how we can get educated."

    Rafael G., Canada

    "It is a great idea. Studying at home with a personal computer and a team created from all over the world. Normally I learn out of books with the help of the Internet. But now in this course it is totally different. I have timelines with a fix end. It is a continual fight against the time and I need the help from other people, their proposals and their experience. It is a good feeling to work in groups, and it is very helpful to think outside the box."

    Walter R., Germany